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Drinking Water Week


Water Professionals are on the front lines of water quality, public health, and environmental protection. This year’s theme for Drinking Water Week is especially fitting: “There When You Need Us.” Check out the resources below to learn about water careers and water quality and how these two are so vital to protecting the public and the environment.


Careers Webpages and Information


Videos (careers and Water Quality)
  • Our counterparts at WSSC have created an amazing video library, many targeted toward women in the industry that will get GIRLS interested in STEM and Water careers. (9 – 12)
  • Water Quality by the Clean Water Education Partnership. (Elementary and Middle)
  • H2No! – Fresh Water Problems (Middle School)
  • Learning Junction – water pollution and contamination.
  • Happy Learning –The Water-- Looking after our planet.
  • 3  YouTubevideos about Environmental Engineering
  • Careers for Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science! Other great content on and insights on this channel as well! A Day in the Life is great!