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Joel Grosser

Joel Grosser

Director of Procurement, Goods and Services

Joel Grosser joined DC Water in 2015 and is the Authority’s Director of Procurement for Goods and Services.  In this role, Mr. Grosser directs all procurement activity needed for DC Water operations.  This includes products, and professional and industrial services, needed to operate the Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment facility, to distribute clean water to our customers, and to bring wastewater to Blue Plains.  Also under Mr. Grosser’s direction is the procurement of goods and professional services needed for DC Water’s supporting office functions.

Mr. Grosser’s teams lead solicitations and cross-functional activity to select vendors, generate purchase orders, and manage vendor business relationships to bring the best value to the Authority and its customers.  In doing so, DC Water’s Business Development programs are fully supported, as well as its savings targets and compliance with its Procurement regulations and manual. 

Prior to DC Water, Mr. Grosser consulted internationally for a variety of government and commercial clients to strengthen their supply chains and business processes.  He also led procurement functions at major corporations in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries.  Mr. Grosser has a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and resides in Virginia.