Procurement Manual

The Procurement Manual is issued by the General Manager of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority effectiveJune 12, 2009. The Manual continues in effect unless modified by written amendment made by the General Manager. References to "§" are references to the Procurement Regulations of the Authority, which are Chapter 53 to Title 21 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, 21 DCMR, Chapter 53.

This Procurement Manual is designed to guide Authority staff in implementing the Authority's Procurement Regulations in the acquisition of all goods and services, including construction services, for DC Water.

The General Manager may, in his or her discretion and without any formal amendment to the Manual, waive any of the guidelines or procedures set forth in this Manual, except any that are explicitly required by the Regulations.

Manual Table of Contents

Click on any of the chapter names below to download a PDF version of that chapter. You may also download the complete DC Water Procurement Manual.

  1. Authority Procurement Policy Statement
  2. Ethics
  3. Contracting Authority
  4. Acquisition Planning 
  5. Bonds and Insurance
  6. Sealed Bids
  7. Competitive Proposal
  8. Multistep Procurements
  9. Simplified Acquisitions
  10. Limited Competition Purchases
  11. Other Agency Purchases
  12. Micro-Purchases
  13. Sole Source 
  14. Emergency Procurements
  15. Categorical Exemptions
  16. Unsolicited Proposals
  17. Contract Types
  18. Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity
  19. Special Contracting Methods
  20. Construction Contracts (RESERVED)
  21. Architect-Engineering (A-E) Services
  22. Alternate Project Delivery
  23. Contract Management and Administration
  24. Cost Principles and Proposal Analysis
  25. Contractor Responsibility
  26. Debarment and Suspension
  27. Patents, Copyrights, and Other Proprietary Information
  28. Protests
  29. Claims, Disputes, and Appeals
  30. Quality Assurance and Warranties
  31. Purchase Cards
  32. Business Development Programs