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East Side Interceptor Rehabilitation Project


DC Water is performing sewer rehabilitation projects throughout the city as part of its Capital Improvement Program to improve the District’s sewer systems infrastructure. This project involves the rehabilitation of the East Side Interceptor, a 51-inch diameter brick and concrete sewer which extends from New York Avenue, NE southbound through the east side of the National Arboretum to the abandoned M Street, NE right-of-way.


  • In addition to rehabilitation of the East Side Interceptor, this project will also include the following activities: 
  • Rehabilitation or relocation of existing 15-inch and 10-inch sewers inside the Arboretum 
  • Detailed design of the sewer and manhole linings, by-pass pumping system, traffic control plan and associated mitigative measures 
  • Coordination of design, by-pass pumping system, traffic control plan and mitigative measures with all affected stakeholders and agencies
  • Construction of sewer and manhole lining that will prolong the life of the sewer


  • Construction start: June 2017 
  • Construction completion: May 2019


DC Water will work to ensure minimal disruption during construction operations, and will restore the work site to its original condition following completion of the project. Some sewage odor may be temporarily noticed during the lining operation.


Traffic control, including signage and protective barriers, will be set up to maintain public safety during construction.


DC Water will coordinate closely with the National Arboretum, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, residents, District and federal agencies, and other stakeholders to minimize disruption during this project.