System Availability Fee

System Availability Fee – became effective June 1, 2018

Like many water utilities, DC Water has implemented a new fee that will be assessed on new development (or redevelopment) and is intended to recover the investment in available system capacity. The System Availability Fee (SAF) is scaled to the size of the project. This new fee will help cover some of the associated costs of:

• Water storage and major transmission

• Wastewater and stormwater interceptors

DC Water’s Board of Directors began reviewing this concept back in 2015, opened the idea up for public comment and then approved the fees in 2016 with an effective date of January 1, 2018. However, in December of 2018, The Board announced that it planned to revise the effective date to June 1, 2018 and approved this at the May board Meeting.  The effective date was June 1, 2018.

Open House

The Board held an open house on Friday February 9, 2018 to hear from the development community and the public. Subsequent to that meeting revisions were made to the regulations incorporating affordable housing unit credits and changing the effective date to June 1, 2018.