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DC Water hosts interactive family-friendly construction expo in Ward 7

September 17, 2019

More than fifty people packed the Deanwood Recreation Center last night to learn more about DC Water’s construction projects and their water quality. This second forum was held in English and Spanish, and offered family friendly activities such as a truck touch and an appearance by Wendy the Waterdrop.
David L. Gadis, DC Water CEO, commented, “I have the opportunity to meet customers from all over the District and I repeatedly hear that they would like to know more about our infrastructure needs, environmental requirements and how DC Water spends revenue. This was an opportunity for them to learn more.”
The average age of a water main in the District’s system is 78 years, and sewer pipes are even older. DC Water performs detailed analyses to prioritize replacement and repair projects. Once a project is approved, the Engineering and Outreach Departments manage the planning, logistics, and communication. The expo answered why certain projects are selected over others, what is the notification process for planned work and emergency work, and what to expect when a DC Water construction project comes to their neighborhoods.  
“We recognize our residents’ thirst for information and wanted to have an honest conversation about aging infrastructure and how to address it, and about the many costs in time and dollars it takes to deliver safe drinking water and sewage collection and treatment,” added Gadis.
Armon Curd, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience, further observed, “We have been listening to our customers and are taking note. Hearing similar questions and concerns on many different platforms prompted us to create this interactive experience to educate the public on varied infrastructure and construction topics.”