Green Infrastructure Challenge

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Rock Creek and
Potomac Drainage
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In April 2013 DC Water launched the Green Infrastructure Challenge, engaging firms to design innovative green practices that absorb rain water. These practices, known as Green Infrastructure, include installing green roofs (gardens on rooftops), rain gardens, rain barrels, and pervious pavements, removing impervious surfaces, and using other natural means to capture and infiltrate rain water. Capturing the water before it can enter the combined sewer system will aid in alleviating combined sewer overflows in the District.

At the award ceremony on January 9, 2014 DC Water announced the winning submissions for the design phase of the challenge.

  • 21st Century Stormwater Management in a 19th Century Neighborhood
    Submitted by Team AECOM
    Participating Firms: AECOM, KPG Design Studio, GeoConcepts Engineering, Prime Engineering, CDDI
    Design Board    | Video

  • Greening the District's Geometry: Enhancing L'Enfant's Plan
    Submitted by Team CH2M HILL
    Design Board    | Video

  • Kennedy I Greened: A Neighborhood Green Street Project
    Submitted by Team Urban Rain Design | Nitsch Engineering | Stacy Levy Artist | Raymond Papa
    Design Board    | Video

  • Lamont Park: Integrating Green Infrastructure and Bike Infrastructure
    Submitted by Team Tetra Tech
    Participating Firms: Tetra Tech, Toole Design Group, Hazen and Sawyer
    Design Board    | Video

  • A Stormwater Park System
    Submitted by Team Bradley Site Design - Greening Urban
    Design Board    | Video

  • Symbiotic Streetscapes
    Submitted by Team McKissack
    Participating Firms: McKissack and McKissack, Bradley Site Design, Greening Urban
    Design Board    | Video

  • Utilizing Lost Urban Space
    Submitted by Team ARCADIS
    Participating Firms: ARCADIS, RTKL, Biohabitats, EQR, Delon Hampton & Associates,
    NSP Regreen, Robinson and Associates, Geoconcepts Engineering
    Design Board    | Video

DC Water is awarding $1 million for design and construction of these Green Infrastructure projects in the Potomac and Rock Creek drainage areas in the District of Columbia. A subset of the projects above will be constructed in the District.

This Challenge will serve as a model to support DC Water's proposal to conduct a large-scale, multi-million dollar demonstration project in the Potomac and Rock Creek sewersheds to evaluate the feasibility of using green practices, in place of or in conjunction with "gray" engineering solutions, to capture rain water and prevent combined sewer overflows (CSOs). More information on DC Water's Green Infrastructure initiatives can be found at

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Award Ceremony January 9, 2014

Green Infrastructurre Challenge Briefing Document

Informational Meeting, May 10, 2013

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Addendum No. 2 - July 19, 2013

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