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Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day at home can be fun, educational, and rewarding! Please see below 5 suggestions to help you celebrate this day while we are all distance learning!

1. Go Digital

  • Conduct Research about Earth Day and the theme for this year-- (Hint: It's Buzzing with information!)
  • Create your own video, flyer, or presentation about Earth Day!
  • There's also an Earth Day Live and other digital events happening all over.

2. Play Detective

Leaks in the pipes in your home can cause problems, waste gallons of water, and be costly!

  • Take a moment and look around your toilet, at all sinks, and near all appliances to determine whether water may be leaking in your home. Be sure to notify your parents about what you find!
  • Here are some resources from the EPA to help you!

3. Use your Green Thumb

Care for other living things, if you can--

  • Start a plant from a carrot, bean, potato, or many other types of seeds!
  • Make a terrarium.
  • Help your family with a gardening task.
  • Plant a tree or seeds where you can.

4.Learn Locally

Find out more about the waterways in your area.

  • Do you know the names of the rivers or other bodies of water near you?
  • Do you know that where you live is in a watershed?
  • How about where your drinking water comes from? (Hint: it goes way beyond just the pipes!)
  • What happens to your wastewater when you are finished with using it in your home? How does that impact the environment?

5. Reuse and Recycle!

Today is a day where we can think twice about what we put into the environment because it gives so much to us!

  • Conduct a visual waste audit (Don't touch the trash without parent permission!) -- or think about the things your family normally throws away.
    • What do you see?
    • Are there any items that your family can recycle instead of throwing away next time?
  • Reuse items in the house to create a new craft or useful thing. Here are two examples: