For Teachers

Interested in teaching students about water or environmental stewardship? Below are student resources and lesson guides for grades k - 12. 

K - 2


3 - 5


6 - 8

  • The Game of Pipes is a mathematics activity where students wander through a maze of pipes as various water-related pieces. Each game space contains a water use practice that either wastes or conserves water, adding or subtracting from their initial 200 gallons of water. The winner is either the first student to reach Blue Plains or the student with the most gallons of water remaining at the end of time allotted for play. Print on 11x17 paper.
    • Action Sheet -- Use this sheet with the game board. 81/2 x 11.
  • How Much do You Use?Students will be able to make estimates about the amount of water they use for daily activities, then compare them to factual percentages.
  • This list contains videos and other informational resources pertaining to water conservation and water facts.
  • Middle School Teacher Resource List


Classroom Posters

To request a FREE classroom poster about the wastewater treatment process, email with your name, school and mailing address. (11x14")