Finding a Hydrant is Critical in an Emergency

The location and status of individual fire hydrants is available through our Google Earth application or by contacting the DC Water Command Center. The Google Earth software package must be downloaded on your computer to access the information. The information available includes hydrant identification number, current operational status and last inspection date. Additionally, the public can report a problem regarding a specific hydrant.

You can view the status  of public fire hydrants throughout Washington D.C. on DC Water's Hydrant Information System (WHIS) - Note: WHIS may not work on a dial-up connection. Use of WHIS requires proper installation of the Google Earth software package on your computer. 

Download a guide on how to use DC Water's Hydrant Information System WHIS.

Customers may also contact DC Water's 24-Hour Command Center at (202) 612-3400 to determine the status of a particular hydrant, to report a hydrant that may be leaking or damaged, or to report unauthorized use of a hydrant.

Click here to download a google earth data file showing the status of all known public hydrants in DC.