High Bill Help

If you recently received a bill that is higher than expected, the following information may help you find the cause:

  1. If you are registered with My DC Water, then you can review your water usage history online to see if you typically use more water at certain times. For example, your bill might be higher in the summer months if you are watering your lawn. You can also sign up for high usage notification alerts (HUNA) to be notified when your water usage is unusually high. This can help you avoid high bills by allowing you to fix any leaks or plumbing problems or change behavior that may be causing a spike in your water use.
  2. There may be other reasons for high water usage, including the following:
    • Leaking water faucet
    • Leaking toilet
    • Guests in your home
    • Remodeling or adding more living space
    • A new baby (more laundry means more water usage)
    • Extra use of the washing machine, dishwasher, or power washer
    • Extra entertaining or cooking
  3. Your bill may have been calculated on the basis of an estimated meter reading that was higher than your actual usage. If so, you'll likely notice a lower charge on your next bill.
  4. If your last bill was an estimated meter reading, it could have been lower than your actual usage, which means that you're now seeing the additional cost on your current bill.
  5. Check the number of days in this bill's billing period. Sometimes a billing period might cover 32 days, whereas other periods cover only 27 days.
  6. Take a look at our water-saving tips in the Environment secion of this website for helpful information to identify and correct leaking toilets and faucets.
  7. Review your bill for additional charges that could include the following:
    • 10% additional charge if a bill is not paid by the due date
    • 1% interest, compounded monthly, for any charges that have been outstanding for 60 days or more
    • A $25 fee if your check is not honored by your bank
    • A $50 fee when water service is cut off for non-payment
    • A $50 fee to restore water service
    • A $245 fee if water service is turned on without authorization

If you still have questions about why your bill is higher than normal, please contact a Customer Care Associate by email at custserv@dcwater.com or by calling 202-354-3600, Monday — Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please be sure to have your account number ready.