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My DC Water FAQs

General Information

What is a customer information system?
A Customer Information System (CIS) manages account, consumption and billing data, and provides a single solution for tracking all customer contacts. A CIS is critical to maintaining a positive customer experience while allowing the utility to implement more complex rate structures. 

Why is DC Water replacing its customer information system?
DC Water’s current customer information system has been in place since 2001. Change management is expensive to implement, and we wish to provide our customers more contemporary features and services in the future. Our new system will be customer-friendly, convenient and offer more functionality and security for our customers.

How will a new customer information system benefit customers?
DC Water customers will experience a brand new web portal at and mobile app, which will offer new, more secure, and easy-to-use services for paying your bill and understanding your water usage.

How will the new customer information system impact DC Water customers?
Beginning July 17, 2017, property owners or property managers are required to validate property ownership and create a new User ID at Tenants will not have the ability to create a User ID until  2018, when DC Water fully implements its customer information system.  At that time, both property owners and tenants will have the ability to create a User ID, with the owner’s approval.

Property Managers will need the account owners last name, account number and address to register an account under their profile. Also please be aware that until our next upgrade in early 2018, there can be only one profile, either the property owner or the property manager.

Why should I create a new User ID at
Property owners or managers who create a User ID at will enjoy the added security and benefits of a new web portal, including:

  • Bill delivery options, including paperless billing
  • A variety of bill payment options, including auto-pay
  • A view of historical and current water usage

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What Customers Need to Know

Who can create a new User ID at
Beginning in July– as DC Water begins transitioning to the new customer information system – only property owners or authorized property managers can create a new User ID at  When the full system is deployed in 2018, tenants will have the ability (with property owner approval) to create an online User ID.

When can property owners or property managers create a new User ID at
Beginning July 17, 2017.

If I’m a tenant, can I create a User ID at and manage an account?
Beginning July 17, 2017, DC Water will initially limit the ability to create a User ID to property owners and property managers.  In 2018, tenants will have the ability to create a User ID, with the property owner’s approval.

If tenants are not able to create a User ID at until  2018, can they still make online payments on behalf of the property owner?
Yes. Tenants can continue to make one-time payments at, by phone at 202-354-3600 or by mail. For a full list of payment options, please see below.

Will my account number change?
No, customer account numbers will remain the same.

If I’m a new customer, where do I create a new User ID?
New property owners can register to create a new User ID by visiting
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Important Information for Auto-pay and Paperless Billing Customers

Do I need to re-enroll in auto-pay?
Yes. Beginning, July 17, 2017 all property owners or property managers enrolled in auto-pay must re-enroll in auto-pay. If property owners/managers fail to re-enroll in auto-pay before May 1, 2018, auto-pay information will be deactivated, and payments will need to be made via online one-time payment, phone or mail until the account is re-enrolled in auto-pay.

Why am I receiving a paper bill if I was already enrolled in paperless billing?
Beginning July 17, 2017 – as DC Water transitioned to a new customer information system – all customers enrolled in paperless billing began receiving a paper bill. For now, only property owners and managers can re-enroll in paperless billing at

Please note: When property owners/managers re-enroll in paperless billing, only the property owner will begin receiving the paperless bill. Property owners/managers will be responsible for forwarding paperless bills to any third parties who you wish to pay the bill. However, beginning in 2018, owners/managers will then have ability to add third parties to begin receiving paperless bills.

Property owners/managers should update their mailing address prior to July 17, 2017 to ensure they begin receiving a paper bill. 
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Setting up My New User ID

How do I setup my new User ID?
You can create a new online User ID by visiting and clicking Register Now. Property owners/managers will be required to provide the account number and verify ownership of the account.
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Paying Your Bill

What are my payment options?

Payment Options


One-time e-Check or Credit Card

Auto Pay e-Check or Credit Card (Property Owners/Managers only)

Online – Bill Pay

One-time e-Check

Customer’s personal bank website


Check or Money Order

District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority

Customer Service Department

P.O. Box 97200

Washington, DC 20090


One-time e-Check or Credit Card



Cash only

DC Water will announce a new payment vendor for walk-in payments soon!

Mobile Text-to-Pay



I currently pay my bill through my bank. Do I have to change my account with them?
No. Your DC Water customer account number will remain the same and bank payments will remain unaffected by these changes.

How can I manage multiple accounts?
The new portal will allow property owners/managers to link multiple accounts (properties) to the same User ID; each account will need to be re-enrolled in paperless billing and auto-pay.

Where can I go for more information?