Free Lead Pipe Replacement During Construction Projects

Each year, DC Water repairs and replaces water infrastructure through construction projects such as water main replacements and emergency repairs. During these projects, DC Water will replace lead service pipes that connect the water main to household plumbing. 

DC Water will pay for replacement of the portion in public space, and new District funds will pay for 100% of private-side costs, regardless of the homeowner's income. 

In advance of these opportunities, DC Water will notify homeowners to complete and return a signed agreement to replace any lead service pipe on the property. 

Agreements for this work must be signed by the property owner. A copy of the agreement can be found here. 

DC Water strongly encourages tenants of single and multi-family residences to request that the property owner call Customer Service at (202) 354-3600 or email to take advantage of the opportunity for lead service pipe replacement.